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Have you been considering hiring your own personal security? This might come in handy for celebrities, political figures or people who are keen on their personal securities or due to threats to ones own security. Before you do here is everything you need to know about successfully hiring your own personal security.

1. You will need to do a background check on person or firm your hiring. This is essential to avoid hiring criminals who might increase rather than decrease your security. The background check may include such issues as criminal records, their upbringing and how they have dwelt with their previous clients.

2. Skill set of security personnel you want to hire. The person you are to hire need to demonstrate that they have the skills necessary to execute the duty of protecting you, such skills include driving, computer skills and martial arts.

3. Cost consideration. You will need to consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on hiring personal security. The cost should be reasonable and affordable to you while not forgetting the quality of service offered. Hiring armed security personnel will generally cost you more than unarmed security personnel.

4. Security firms offer different categories of protection, thus you need to decide on what best suit you. Common categories may include executive protection, talent protection among others. Thus you will need to find out with your preferred security firm on the specifics of each category before deciding on which category best caters to your needs.

5. Security personnel past experience is also an important consideration. Find out from your applicant about their past experience and major projects they have worked on. This will help you gauge their suitability and ability to serve your specific needs.

6. Ensure that the security firm and personnel have the relevant certification needed to operate as a security firm or personnel. This will vary from country to country hence the need to research on the certification needed. This ensures you get the best service and value for your money.

7. Physique considerations. You will need to hire a person whose physique you are comfortable as you will be spending a lot of time with your security person. You will thus need to find a person whose body shape and size you are comfortable with. This is all you need to know about hiring your own personal security. This will ensure success in hiring your own security personnel.

Best Personal Safety is Confidence in Yourself

When we turn on the news, we see the violence all around us. With a rise in robberies, assaults, kidnappings and murders on the rise there are several things that we can do to be safe. Safety starts with preparation. The first suggestion is to take self defense class. Secondly, install a home alarm system. There are several companies to look into including: ADT, Front Point, Protect America, and now even Xfinity has an alarm system.

Several are available to the public. These serve two purposes, first they will help you to have some tools that may keep you from being a victim. If you have to fight, you have at least some skills. Although, you should not fight your opponent unless you are sure you will win. The other benefit is that it gives you confidence and self control to face your opponent without showing fear. When we are paralyzed with fear, we are out of control and shut down. When that happens, we are a victim. Those who would do harm are looking for two things.

First of all, they are looking for value. If they see you counting large amounts of cash, an expensive watch, chain or iPhone that they want, that makes you a potential target. Keep those things hidden from sight. Roll up the windows in your car, lock the doors and hide electronics so they are not visible. Don’t flash your wealth, or the appearance of wealth. Maybe, you think that you are not wealthy. If you have it and someone else wants it, you are wealthy. If they don’t see your valuable goods, they will never steal them.

Be alert. Always be aware of your surroundings. As you walk down the street, roll your shoulders back, raise your head. While walking, don’t text, read or use earphones. You want to be aware of who and what is around you If you see someone following you, then walk toward an area where there are people and light.

Maybe a mall, maybe a gas station. Look for others. If they are going to do you harm, they do not want witnesses. If you see a guy, or a group of guys in front of you just standing around and looking like danger, and you are walking toward them, cross the street. It’s hard to rob someone from a distance. Be friendly. Take a friend with you when you travel if possible.

People who are alone are considered easy or soft targets. If you are alone, there are no witnesses. You are more vulnerable. Avoid direct eye contact, which may be considered a threat, but look at the people around you If they think you can pick them out in a police line-up, they are less likely to bother you If you don’t see them, then they know that you will not recognize them in a police line-up. Friendly is good.

Flirting is not If someone flirts with you, speak, then keep walking. If they think you are interested, they may pursue. Confidence is the most valuable tool you have to keep you safe. Your paranoia and fear compete with distractions to be that of your potential opponent.